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Data classification as a service

Plug Teleskope's classification API to enforce data protection at every part of the SDLC

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Classify data as it flows

Plug Teleskope’s classification API to identify over 150 types of sensitive data elements, spanning PII, PCI, PHI and secrets. Easily define your own rules, pointing Teleskope's model towards the data elements that matter to you and your business.

Security and privacy by design

Scan data at every part of its lifecycle to build a holistic picture of your data flows, highlighting how and where sensitive data proliferates across internal and external tools. Plug our API straight into your codebase to prevent any disruption to existing workflows.

Built for engineers,
by engineers

Use cases


Incorporate us into your pre-commit hooks to prevent secrets leaking to code


Wrap our API around your logging libraries, database or ORMs

Customer chats

Scrub customer chats or internal messages to redact sensitive data in transit, before they’re stored or viewed

Seamless automation

Eliminate the manual overhead and alert fatigue faced by your engineers

Designed for large-scale
production workloads.

Built for large-scale production workloads.



Unmatched precision in identifying personal and sensitive data, with nuanced context recognition.



High-capacity multi-model engine processing 40,000 b/s on a single GPU node.



Classifies over 150 entities out-of-the-box, covering PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and other sensitive data.



Compatible with major cloud, SaaS, and database platforms; supports diverse file formats.


3 deployment models

Flexible deployment as single tenant SaaS, managed, or self-hosted within your infrastructure.

Empower data security automation

Implement any custom security protocols on top of Teleskope’s findings, for unique internal workflows that can’t be integrated with internally.