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AI security and governance

Plug Teleskope's redaction API to enforce data protection at every part of the SDLC

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Understand your AI ecosystem

Teleskope discovers and inventories all of data assets and AI models across your cloud or on-prem data stores, jupyter notebooks, and third party systems.  Our classification pipeline will automatically detect over 150 types of regulated and proprietary data, including PII, PCI, PHI, and secrets.

Tie your models to your data

Teleskope automatically tags and propagates which datasets can be used for training and for which purposes. Our platform helps visualize he relationships between your models and their training data, and map out data flows, and surfaces overly permissive user access to reduce your AI attack surface.

Obfuscate sensitive data

Teleskope's can redact, encrypt, or mask sensitive data, while preserving referential integrity as needed. Teleskope’s redact API can be plugged directly into your codebase and workflows to proactively prevent sensitive data from being used in training or exposed during inference.

Designed for large-scale
production workloads.

Built for large-scale production workloads.



Unmatched precision in identifying personal and sensitive data, with nuanced context recognition.



High-capacity multi-model engine processing 40,000 b/s on a single GPU node.



Classifies over 150 entities out-of-the-box, covering PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and other sensitive data.



Compatible with major cloud, SaaS, and database platforms; supports diverse file formats.


3 deployment models

Flexible deployment as single tenant SaaS, managed, or self-hosted within your infrastructure.

Empower data security automation

Implement any custom security protocols on top of Teleskope’s findings, for unique internal workflows that can’t be integrated with internally.