Integrate redaction into any workflow
Plug Teleskope's redaction API to enforce data protection at every part of the SDLC.
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Prevent sensitive data from being stored or transmitted in the first place
Integrate Teleskope's Scrub API directly into your codebase and workflows to proactively prevent sensitive data from being stored, leaked, or transmitted in the first place. Seamlessly wrap our API around your logging libraries, database ORMs, or messaging systems to redact sensitive data in transit and avoid days of manual cleanup.
Redact sensitive information from data at rest
Scrub sensitive information from data at rest to prevent data breaches and comply with data minimization laws. Replace the hours of manual cleanup with our redact API to automate  scrubbing personal and sensitive information from historical data that’s no longer needed or from places it should not reside.
Prevention instead of remediation
Shift data protection left
Integrate data protection in the earliest stages of the development process.
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