Discover and classify all of your data
Continuously discover, classify, and understand all of your data, at petabytes scale.
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Discover all of your data, in minutes
Seamlessly integrate your data stores, and third party saas vendors to discover and inventory all the data within your environment, even the ones you didnt know existed, in a matter of minutes. Teleskope is optimized for speed and cost-effectiveness on your cloud and SaaS applications, and supports both structured and unstructured data in a wide range of formats and encodings that your organization and engineers utilize, such as Parquet, Thrift, images, and more.
Classify personal and sensitive information
Accurately classify your data using our state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM) to pinpoint where personal and sensitive elements reside across all of your data assets, including PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and other regulated data. Our classification engine is optimized for both speed and accuracy, and features self-learning capabilities that adapt to your environment to detect elements that are unique to your organization.
Gain actionable insights
Go beyond traditional data classification by intelligently mapping the data back to the relevant data subjects using our contextual LLM. Differentiate between employee, customer, and company-related data and enforce fine-grained controls tailored to each persona.
Data security and privacy metadata platform
A single source of truth for all of your data
Gain deep insights into your data from our metadata platform, enabling you to search filter, and discover data assets, uncover shadow data, and pinpoint personal and sensitive information. Integrate our metadata APIs to shift security left and empower developers to embed security and privacy measures at the early stages of the software development lifecycle.
Enhance developer productivity
Automate manual workflows
Replace error-prone manual assessments, spreadsheets, and audits with automated and always up-to-date data classification
Eliminate alert fatigue
Gain actionable and accurate insights to streamline your security and privacy operations
Shift data protection left
Integrate data protection in the earliest stages of the development process.
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