Integrate data classification into any workflow
Plug Teleskope's classification API to enforce data protection at every part of the SDLC.
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Classify any data, anywhere
Plug our classification engine, powered by a LLM, directly into your workflows to over 100+ types of regulated data, including PII, PCI, PHI, and secrets. Customize our engine by defining your own rules, or by pointing it to pre-defined labels, to detect elements unique to your organization.

Scan data at every part of its lifecycle, from data in motion to data at rest, and any custom or internal data source to get a comprehensive understanding of how data flows throughout your environments.
Security and privacy by design
Automate security, privacy, and compliance on top of our classification engine by integrating it at the source, at the code level, and shifting security left. This ensures that security, privacy, and compliance are an integral part of your data processes from the start, empowering you to build and scale your business with confidence, knowing that data protection is a default.
Teleskope's benefits
Shift data protection left
Integrate data protection in the earliest stages of the development process.
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